Indicative Services

Sales Operations & Strategy

List of Indicative Services:

  1. Commercial Policy Design
  2. Route to Market Strategy
  3. Key Account Management – In Store Marketing
  4. Sales Team Restructuring
  5. Efficient Category Management
  6. Retail Operations Transformation
  7. Retailer’s Performance Upgrade
  8. Waste Management
  9. Shrinkage
  10. CSR Strategy

When developing a Project or analyzing a Strategy, you must always think about the activities adding value to the final product, which are the current trends, and how can they affect it.

iMinder’s team deploys techniques and applies expertise to design or update your Commercial Policy, creating a viable Route to Market Strategy. In this context, Suppliers are supported for Restructuring Key Account Management and agile Sales Team. Retailers, on the other side, acquire value through Performance Upgrade, Efficient Category Management or Shrinkage.  For both sides, In Store Marketing, Waste Management or CSR Strategy are enablers for more effective operations.