Indicative Product

OJO (On the Job Observation)


It’s a 360 hands-on approach

  1. To construct/create a true picture on how each Department works (Sales, Logistics etc)
  2. To underline the true need of strengthening the abilities of executives and construct a tailor-made education plan for each company
  3. To construct/create necessary steps for efficient and effective duties perform


  1. Absence of objective image on how a Sales Department works
  2. Added value actions (productivity increase) are not performed due to limited time
  3. Absence of optimized selling techniques
  4. Absence of systematically recording opportunities to improve people and their actions (45%)
  5. Unable to identify real customer needs (50%)
  6. Lack of balance between achieving immediate goals and creating a collaborative relationship with the customer (28%)


  • Stage 1: Expectations and goals identification
  • Stage 2: Design plan
  • Stage 3: Diagnose of improvement opportunities
  • Stage 4: Action implementation
  • Stage 5: Sustain for future condition