Indicative Product



Both sides of the supply chain are asked to evaluate their counterparts, by responding to a confidential and very sophisticated Trade Opinion Survey.

More than two hundred executives from Retail (large and medium Super Market chains) and main Suppliers (food and non food) are being personally interviewed. These, include, companies’ Presidents & Managing Directors, Purchasing Directors, Finance Directors, Warehouse Managers, Category Managers, Logistics Managers etc.


B2B Customer’s perceptions and opinions of performance are a critical source of information to improving performance.

X MIrror survey provides insights into how suppliers and distributors are performing to the following sectors:

  • General Company’s Image
  • Total Cooperation level with Counterparts
  • Products / Quality & Consumer
  • Sales Force effectiveness
  • Pricing, Credit Policy / Productivity & Profitability
  • Financial / Accounting Management
  • Promotional Activities / Mega Events / Tailor-made etc.
  • Packaging / Deliveries / Logistics Effective Replenishment / Supply Chain
  • Category Management / Spaceman / Shelf Management

Our Confidentiality Commitment

  • Top confidentiality on findings.
  • Every participating company will be informed ONLY for its own ranking within the panel, in accurate and comparative figures.
  • The top scored company among the total panel, as well as the top scored company among the subcategory where your company belongs to, will be announced for rewarding and comparison reasons.
  • Also, counterparts’ comments concerning your company will be only disclosed to you.


  • A highly appreciated reporting, of the intrinsic and not always visible trade opinion, in order to upgrade the relationship with your counterparts.
  • A very comprehensive benchmarking tool, to allow you picking/ finding out “the sensitive” areas and improve your efficiency.
  • An integrated analysis, to deeply understand:
  • How customers perceive your company within the competitive environment,
  • How they rank and classify your company compared to your immediate or not competitors,
  • What your counterparts’ most important issues are to cooperate with you,
  • What the counterparts’ satisfaction level is in fundamental cooperation factors,
  • Your future needs and strategic actions towards your customers.