Indicative Product

Compass HO.RE.CA.


  • To become the preferred supplier for your customer
  • To develop the best possible and effective collaboration with HORECA retailers


  • Location & contact details
  • Type and location surroundings
  • Retail Chain Organization
  • or not
  • Outdoor attributes
  • Indoor Attributes
  • Working hours
  • POS dynamic
  • POS evaluation

Trade opinion

  • Number and type of suppliers
  • Promotion Activities Preferences
  • Degree of optimism for the future of the industry and the basic categories
  • Who are the top suppliers
  • Suppliers’ selection criteria
  • Which are the top brands in basic categories
  • Product’s selection criteria
  • Qualitative comments for the industry and basic categories’ challenges
  • Desired service model
  • The most profitable categories


  • To fully understand the unique and demanding channel of HORECA
  • To become the best product supplier/producer of the Small Stores
  • To update your client’s contact details database
  • To differentiate marketing towards your customers taking into consideration the opportunities and challenges
  • To optimize the distribution routing in Traditional Trade
  • To seek new clients for sales increase
  • To reform the optimum and effective promotion and trade terms strategy for the specific channel
  • To design the optimum warehouse and distribution network for competitive service
  • To utilize the growth dynamic of the existing customers